The Rock, Ryan Reynolds And Gal Gadot Crack Up In Red Notice BTS Photo

Ryan reynolds

Just because actors had a great time working on a movie, it doesn’t mean that audiences or critics are going to enjoy watching it anywhere near as much, which has been proven on countless occasions over the years by a large number of Adam Sandler’s star vehicles, while the pretentious backslapping of Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’s Twelve is also a notable example of a project that was evidently a hoot to film, but that sense of fun and infectious enthusiasm most definitely did not translate to the screen.

The star-studded trifecta of Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot will be hoping that Netflix’s action blockbuster Red Notice delivers the best of both worlds, though, because the three A-listers have all spoken very highly of how much they loved their time on set. Even before production was shut down in March as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, Johnson and Reynolds were blaming each other for ruining countless takes because they couldn’t stop laughing.

That sense of camaraderie clearly extended to the crew as well, based on the Halloween prank they played on the leading man, and a new behind the scenes photo shows that the stars of Red Notice can’t even keep it together for something as trivial and straightforward as a promo shoot.

As the most expensive Netflix original movie ever that boasts three of the biggest names in Hollywood, expectations are incredibly high for Red Notice. Based on the steady stream of behind the scenes images that have been making their way online since filming wrapped a couple of weeks ago, though, the central trio appear to be more than confident that the globetrotting heist thriller will be able to deliver the goods.