Dwayne Johnson And Tyrese Gibson’s Fast & Furious Feud Is Finally Over

Dwayne Johnson

As you may have noticed after spending the better part of two decades watching Vin Diesel mumble the word ‘FAMBLY’ on a regular basis, the idea of kinship, as well as the close bond between the sprawling ensemble cast, has always been integral to the Fast & Furious franchise both on and off the screen. However, there’s been no shortage of in-fighting over the last couple of years, with Dwayne Johnson usually caught in the middle.

While his differences of opinion with Diesel led to the two A-listers being very obviously composited into the same scene after refusing to appear on camera together during post-production on the eighth installment, the chrome-domed alpha males eventually settled their beef. However, longtime Fast & Furious alum Tyrese Gibson was next in line to take shots at the world’s highest-paid actor.

Tyrese was unhappy that Johnson was moving forward with Hobbs & Shaw, accusing him of causing a rift in the family and revealing he turned down the opportunity for a spinoff alongside Ludacris in favor of keeping the gang together without anyone striking out on their own. In a recent interview, though, the 41 year-old admitted that the two have finally put their long-running feud to bed, saying:

“Me and The Rock peaced up by the way. We talked for like four hours about three weeks ago.”

Of course, Johnson wasn’t above taking thinly-veiled shots in Tyrese’s direction as he basked in the success of Hobbs & Shaw, but now that the Fast & Furious franchise’s three premiere big bald dudes have all buried the hatchet, the smart money is on the Rampage and Skyscraper star making a return to the main timeline for the two-part conclusion to The Fast Saga, having sat out the upcoming F9 due to scheduling conflicts with his own spinoff.