Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Will Reportedly Push The Envelope Of PG-13


Shooting has now officially wrapped on Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, and we didn’t even get to see a single blurry image taken from a distance that shows the leading man in his superhero getup. That being said, the man knows how to keep his fans happy and leverage his global popularity, so having offered a teaser for the movie at last year’s DC FanDome, maybe we’ll get some live-action footage when the event rolls around for a second time later this year.

The levels of secrecy being maintained on the production are impressive, and while we know who the majority of the cast are playing, we don’t know how they factor into the story or even what direction the plot his heading. The leading man did make it clear that unlike many other costumed crimefighters, Black Adam doesn’t have a no-kill rule, and tipster Mikey Sutton is now echoing those sentiments by claiming the cosmic blockbuster will push the limits of its PG-13 rating.

The Rock doesn’t do villainy, but he certainly knows his way around an antihero, and having already teased that Black Adam doesn’t practice restraint, we could be seeing one of the more violent comic book movies to come along in a good while. Of course, it all remains speculative for now, but having spent the better part of fifteen years attached to the role, you can guarantee the 49 year-old is going to pull out all of the stops to deliver the best possible version of both the character and his long-awaited solo film.

PG-13 presents plenty of scope for violence if not blood, as well as a singular F-bomb, and the heightened fantasy of Black Adam means we could be seeing dismemberings and slayings on an epic scale next summer.