You Can Now Earn $1000 For Binge-Watching All The Star Wars Films

It appears that diehard Star Wars fans will finally get a chance to make some money while indulging in their favorite film saga of all time. 

It appears that diehard Star Wars fans will finally get a chance to make some money while indulging in their favorite film saga of all time.

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There was a time when the story of that galaxy far, far away was an unrivaled force of pop culture, not to mention the highest valued movie franchise around. Alas, that top spot probably belongs to the MCU now, and while Star Wars has indeed retained its popularity over the years, the mistakes Disney made with the Sequel Trilogy will haunt the IP for years to come. Of course, one could easily counter this argument by noting that the Prequels were as equally divisive among fans, if not more.

Whatever your opinion of this sci-fi world is, though, George Lucas’ creation still has an unfaltering hold on our hearts and even if we occasionally hate the films for incorporating elements that aren’t exactly what we expect to see, fans will continue to come back to them and fall in love with these characters and stories all over again.

Yet, if you’ve recently been tempted to binge through the entire saga but lacked enough incentive, an education resource site that goes by the name of Education Reference Desk has got the perfect offer for you. The organization is planning an event and offering up to five people the chance to earn $1000 for binging all of the Star Wars movies.

Understandably, fans of that galaxy far, far away would laugh at the notion of this being even a challenge, but the feat isn’t as easy as you’d imagine. Right now, there are nine movies in the Skywalker Saga and two spinoffs, which is well over 20 hours. And to make it more intense, the site says that the marathon has to run for merely four days.

To up the ante, the company is also giving the selected candidates an R2-D2 Mini Stir Popcorn Popper, a Millennium Falcon blanket, a Star Wars tiki tumbler, and the choice between a one-year subscription to Disney+ or a $100 GrubHub gift card.

So, if you’re a fan and are itching to try your luck at this new challenge, you have until May 3rd to apply. Education Reference Desk will announce the five lucky winners on May 4th, the annual Star Wars celebration day.

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