Edgar Wright celebrates 15th anniversary of ‘Hot Fuzz’

hot fuzz
Image via Universal Pictures

Director Edgar Wright, co-creator of the comedy-horror Three Flavors Cornetto film trilogy, is celebrating the 15th anniversary of his second film, Hot Fuzz.

On Monday, Wright wrote that the film “let me run riot in my Somerset hometown. I’m so happy and proud people watch and quote it to this day.” He continued celebrating both Valentine’s Day and star and co-creator Simon Pegg’s birthday.

The director also shared a remixed video of Hot Fuzz by turntablist and director Mike Relm.

The film was much more of a slow burn thriller than a wall-to-wall action romp, as one might believe based on the trailers and marketing leading up to it. But it still hilariously parodied many action tropes, boasted an action-packed climax, and became the highest-grossing film in the trilogy beloved by many fans to this day. In particular, the film further cemented Wright as a distinctive voice in cinema — following the success of Shaun of the Dead — for his ability to compose sharply-edited, percussive visual sequences that punctuate both jokes and action alike.

Pegg plays badass police officer Nicholas Angel, who is transferred to a seemingly slow and uneventful village after annoying his superiors by being an over-achiever at a big city precinct. Angel, teaming up with action movie expert Nick Frost’s Danny Butterman, unravel a conspiracy in the English town that betrays its supposedly innocent image.

As to whether there will ever be a follow-up to the Three Flavors Cornetto trilogy, that appears to unfortunately be unlikely, considering Pegg clarified in a recent interview that he and Wright don’t like to “dwell on the past.”