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Wholesome ‘Edward Scissorhands’ theory suggests Tim Burton safeguarded a generation of children

Stay safe, kids.

Edward Scissorhands Tim Burton
Image via 20th Century Fox

It’s been over 30 years since its initial theatrical release, and Tim Burton’s 1990 fantasy phenomenon Edward Scissorhands is still earning significant praise and generating interesting theories related to the movie’s engaging plot. And while a plethora of these theories are relatively straightforward, a fresh-faced theory suggests that the acclaimed director had the safety and security of young fans in his heart at all times.

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Over on Reddit, user u/SmokeAndGnomes shared a thought-provoking thesis that interestingly suggests that Burton purposely designed Edward’s movement with — yep, you guessed it — scissors. u/SmokeAndGnomes supported these claims by insisting that because Burton was aware that plenty of young children would watch the film, he believed it would be significant for safety to send a message that kids shouldn’t run with scissors. It’s a pretty smart theory when you think about it, really.

In response, fellow Redditors swarmed the comment section, as the majority of onlookers praised OP’s intriguing surmise — with many admitting that they hadn’t even tossed the possibility around in their minds until now.

One user even confessed that this theory has prompted them to add the movie to their rewatch list.

Another pointed out that the theory definitely makes sense, but that doesn’t mean Burton’s subtle advice was taken.

Damn is right.

While Burton has never confirmed nor denied the truth to this theory, it’s certainly an interesting one to note — given that an abundance of Burton’s films are family-friendly and adhere to a younger audience. If the theory ever proves to carry some truth, there’s no denying that it’s one of the most wholesome things that a director has ever done when it comes to pure cinema.