Emilia Clarke Being Eyed To Play The DCEU’s Zatanna

Image via HBO

Warner Bros. seem keen to expand the number of leading female superheroes in the DCEU going forward, with more movies for Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn on the way as well as projects for the likes of Batgirl and Supergirl in the works. Another one it’s believed that the studio is working to bring into the universe is Zatanna, as per a report from Deadline last November that said WB was developing a solo film for the sorceress.

News has been quiet on this front since then, but we’ve now heard one name who’s in consideration for the part. We Got This Covered has been informed by our sources – the same ones who told us Robert Pattinson was locked in as Batman, and that Black Mask will be gay in Birds of Prey – that Game of Thrones‘ Emilia Clarke is one of the names on the studio’s wishlist to play Zatanna in the DCEU. That doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s the favorite, just that she’s someone they’re keeping their eye on for the role.

Now that GoT has wrapped up, Clarke could be free to sign on for a major blockbuster franchise. She did already appear as Qi’Ra in Solo, but the limited likelihood of a sequel means that shouldn’t cause a problem. With her natural brunette hair, she’d also look the part of Zatanna, with the addition of a top hat and magician’s outfit.

Of course, Zatanna would’ve arrived in the DCEU before now in the Justice League Dark movie, which passed through directors such as Guillermo del Toro and Doug Liman before being shelved. It seems the plan is now to take the members of the JLD and do standalone projects for them instead. For instance, John Constantine – possibly starring Keanu Reeves again – and Swamp Thing – following the recent cancellation of the DC Universe show – reboots are in the works as well.

Tell us, though, would you like to see Emilia Clarke as Zatanna in her own DCEU movie? As the backwards-speaking heroine might say, dnuos ffo ni eht stnemmoc!