Emily Blunt And Christine Baranski To Venture Into The Woods


There’s been a lot of rumours flying about this week concerning Rob Marshall’s next musical, Into The Woods. Earlier this week it was revealed that Jake Gyllenhaal and Chris Pine were in talks to join. Today, you can now add Emily Blunt and Christine Baranski to the list of actors currently in the running to go Into The Woods.

Based on the Broadway musical, Into The Woods mashes up fairy tale icons, black comedy and a sha-heet ton of singing. Well, it is a musical. The story revolves around a baker and his wife who embark on a journey into the woods to lift a curse an evil witch cast upon their family. Nothing in these sorts of tales ever goes smoothly, so along the way they’ll encounter fairy tale faves Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and The Big Bad Wolf.

Should Blunt and Baranski’s final negotiations go through, Blunt will take the role of the Baker’s wife. James Corden is rumoured for the role of the baker, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Gyllenhaal and Pine are up for the roles of two princes. So far, only Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp have signed on officially. Streep in a stellar spot of casting has bagged the juicy role of the witch. The Big Bad Wolf will be tackled by Depp.

Baranski was first involved with the flick when she participated in a table read of the script last October. During the read she took the role of Cinderella’s evil stepmother, and now it’s suggested she’ll assume that role for the film. If she signs on, the film will mark The Good Wife star’s first collaboration with Marshall since she starred in 2002’s Chicago.

Expect a confirmation of casting very soon, as Into The Woods is scheduled to start production this autumn.