Emily Blunt Reveals What It Would Take For Her To Play A Superhero

Emily Blunt

The superhero genre and Emily Blunt have a long, complicated and winding relationship that inevitably tends to circle back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Fantastic Four reboot these days.

Having been forced to turn down the roles of both Captain America: The First Avenger‘s Peggy Carter and Iron Man 2‘s Natasha Romanoff due to scheduling conflicts, the actress was then touted as an early contender for Captain Marvel, but in the years since that Sue Storm speculation has never gone away.

Matters aren’t helped by the fact her husband John Krasinski has admitted more than once that he’d love to play Reed Richards if he was offered the opportunity, with a lot of MCU fans hedging their bets on the duo headlining Fantastic Four. Blunt has sought to distance herself from the talk, but in a new interview she revealed what it would take for her to suit up and report for duty.

“It’s always about story, and playing a character I haven’t done. It’s not something I’ve felt the inclination to do before, but it’s not something I turn my nose up at, at all. It’s just that it hasn’t been the right moment or the right thing… If the script was right.”

Ironically, it was announced last year that Blunt would re-team with her Jungle Cruise co-star Dwayne Johnson for Netflix’s comic book adaptation Ball & Chain, which would see her play… you guessed it, a superhero. Not only that, but she claims to have already scratched that itch by starring in Mary Poppins Returns, although you can guarantee the Fantastic Four rumor mill isn’t going to stop turning until either she’s announced for the role or somebody else is hired for it.

Not every big name in Hollywood is obligated to show up in a blockbuster epic revolving around being with special abilities, but the vast majority of them do at some stage, and time will tell if Emily Blunt will be the next to join the ranks.