Emma Watson Reportedly Close To Signing On For New Harry Potter Movie

Emma Watson

Despite taking a break from the acting industry, which is completely understandable having spent the last 20 years firmly in the public eye, Emma Watson has ironically been in the news more than ever over the last month or so.

Social media was flooded by moving, lengthy and heartwarming tributes to the Harry Potter alum after news of her early retirement spread across the internet like wildfire. Of course, the only problem is that it wasn’t true, with her reps having to issue a public statement that she very much has a future in the movie business, she’s just taking it easy for a while having not appeared in anything since 2019’s awards-baiting prestige drama Little Women.

Then there were unconfirmed reports that Watson had entered talks for a Hermione-centric Wizarding World spinoff, with the role even potentially being recast if terms failed to be agreed upon between star and studio after she was showing some degree of reluctance to return. Most recently, Seth Rogen has taken to social media to dispel any rumors about his fractured relationship with the actress after confirming she’d walked off the set of apocalyptic comedy This is the End, but he made it clear that was very much a problem of his own causing.

The latest addition to the revolving door of speculation comes from insider Daniel Richtman, who says that Watson is getting close to signing on to a new Harry Potter movie. There’s no further word on what the project in question is, but given the 30 year-old’s low profile and general publicity-shy nature, it’s best not to take the tipster’s scoop as gospel until the erstwhile Hermione ends her self-imposed exile from the limelight and firms up her schedule for the future.