Entire Original Power Rangers Team May Return For Upcoming Reboot

Power Rangers

Paramount is pushing forward with a new Power Rangers reboot. As revealed by THR back in December, director Jonathan Entwistle is helming the movie, which will sport a unique Back to the Future-like spin on the franchise. Expect it to follow a bunch of modern-day Rangers being sent back into the past – the 1990s, to be exact – where they’ll attempt to return to their own time.

The chosen period setting obviously piqued fans’ interests as it suggested the film could crossover with the original Mighty Morphin TV series that ran from 1993-96. We Got This Covered’s own intel has already pointed to this, with our sources – the same ones that told us Paramount was working on a Transformers reboot and Disney was developing a Beauty and the Beast spinoff for Gaston, both of which we now know to be true – saying that MMPR stars Jason David Frank (Green Ranger) and Amy Jo Johnson (Pink Ranger) could be involved in some capacity. What’s more, we’ve now heard that the whole team might be coming back.

We’ve been given an extended version of the synopsis THR previously reported on thanks to a production document and it states that the modern-day Rangers will have to team up with the original roster to save the day. There were many casting changes across MMPR‘s three seasons, but we’ve been told that this refers to the starting line-up, plus JDF, of course. Unfortunately, though, the very first group can’t be completely reformed, due to Yellow Ranger Thuy Trang’s death in 2001.

And while you might think the 90s setting would be an issue with bringing back the original team, seeing as they can’t visibly pass for teens anymore, our sources say de-aging tech – which we’ve seen a lot of lately, in everything from Avengers: Endgame to The Irishman – will be used to get them looking a lot younger than they do now.

As for the next generation, Paramount is setting their sights on some of the biggest young actors around, including Sophia Lillis and Finn Wolfhard. No one’s been locked in just yet, mind you, but stay tuned for more details on the Power Rangers reboot as we’ll be bringing you additional info in the not too distant future.