Watch: Keanu Reeves Returns In Incredible Constantine 2 Fan Trailer


Keanu Reeves has played some very intriguing characters throughout his illustrious career, and one of those underrated gems is the DC favorite, Constantine. The 2005 film has since become a cult favorite and for those hoping for a sequel, YouTuber StryderHD has created an epic fan-made trailer showcasing a new chapter of the dark franchise that folks would no doubt love to see.

This tantalizing teaser of a fictional follow-up that everyone wishes were on the agenda has the DC antihero back in action taking on the forces of darkness. The fan-made creation uses John Wick footage cut with clips from the original film as well as a slew of superbly selected supernatural scenes, which all help to bring this breathtaking vision of what many would consider a Constantine sequel with no equal to life.

But what really sticks out in this video is who Constantine claims to have not seen for a long time. The stage magician and descendant of Leonardo da Vinci, known as Zatanna, makes a surprise appearance. Here, she’s portrayed by actress Alexandra Daddario, who many people have at the top of their wishlist to play the DC powerhouse.

Of course, both Constantine and Zatanna are on the DCEU’s list of who’s next in line to enter the franchise, and several names have been thrown around for both of the coveted roles. For Constantine, Reeves is the obvious top choice to reprise the part, but sources say Legion star Dan Stevens is also being considered. When it comes to Zatanna, meanwhile, besides Daddario, names like Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke and The Witcher star Anya Chalotra have also been tossed around. Still, nothing for either character has been set in stone just yet.

Whoever they get to play these parts though, there’s no doubt that a second Constantine film featuring Zatanna would be pretty exciting and this trailer proves that there’s plenty of potential for the fantastic follow-up concept.

Source: Stryder HD