The Witcher Star Reportedly Being Eyed For DCEU’s Zatanna


Back in late 2018, it was reported that Warner Bros. was developing a solo movie for Zatanna. Since then, however, there’ve been no official announcements about who could helm the film or star in it. We Got This Covered has been keeping you up to date with WB’s plans for the sorceress, though, and we can confirm they’re still moving forward with it. In fact, our last update came in September, when we reported that the studio was eyeing up Emilia Clarke for the role.

According to our sources though – the same ones who said Diana will get her Golden Eagle armor in Wonder Woman 1984 and that Kevin Conroy was playing Kingdom Come Batman in “Crisis” – Clarke is no longer in the picture to play Zatanna as she’s reportedly passed on the part. Given that, they’re now looking in a different direction for the character. And one actress they’re considering for the gig is Anya Chalotra, who’s just become a familiar face to viewers worldwide thanks to her breakout role in Netflix’s The Witcher

The 23 year-old British actress has only a few screen credits to her name at present, those being recurring roles in Wanderlust and The ABC Murders, the lead role in YouTube’s Sherwood animated series and, obviously, Yennefer in the Henry Cavill-starring fantasy show. If you’ve caught up with it yet, you’ll know it’s not hard to see why she’s appeared on WB’s radar for Zatanna, given that Yennefer is also a sorceress. Though more of the classical kind than Zatanna Zatarra’s stage magic theme.

In any case, whoever gets to portray Zatanna – Chalotra or someone else – will likely have a major role in the future of the DCEU. As we reported last September, there are three movies in the works that all feature the heroine in some way. These are the Zatanna standalone, the Justice League Dark team-up project (which they still hope to make) and a House of Mystery flick, based off the classic horror anthology comic.

It’s unknown who else aside from Chalotra is on the list for Zatanna, but given that these are the same sources who also told us a live-action Bambi remake is in the works, and that National Treasure 3 is in development, both of which were recently confirmed, we’ve no reason to doubt it. And once we receive further updates on WB’s hunt for someone to take on the role, we’ll be sure to let you know.