Incredible Live-Action Spider-Verse Poster Shows Off Maguire, Garfield And Holland


Comic book movies have always been known for the near-limitless storytelling possibilities that come with the genre, even though many of them tend to follow the same formula. Studios also love nothing more than jumping on a popular bandwagon, and based on recent developments, it looks like the multiverse is about to become the latest trend for both Marvel and DC’s roster of superheroes.

A few months ago, it would have been crazy to imagine Michael Keaton returning to play Batman, but his upcoming involvement in The Flash has generated massive buzz, with his role potentially leading to a live-action Batman Beyond adaptation. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, meanwhile, is poised to pick up right where WandaVision leaves off, as the MCU also goes all-in on the idea of alternate timelines and realities.

Of course, the first major superhero blockbuster to embrace the concept was the animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which resulted in an Academy Award-winning modern classic. A sequel is already in development, too, and fans are now looking forward to seeing the lineup of Spider-people that will show up the second time around.

As we know, the first movie almost featured cameos from Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland before the idea was dropped, and an awesome new fan poster from Art of Time Travel imagines what would happen if the three actors appeared in the same live-action project, which you can check out below.

There’s been whispers that Sony were interested in bringing Maguire, Garfield and Holland together in the same Spider-Man movie, and now that the multiverse is set to dominate the genre for the next few years, the idea can’t be definitively ruled out. Especially when it would be guaranteed to send the fans into meltdown and result in a box office bonanza for the studio.