Power Rangers Concept Art Reveals The Cancelled Sequel’s Green Ranger

Power-Rangers-Movie-Blu-ray-cover-art (1)

Lionsgate’s Power Rangers reboot didn’t do big enough business when it arrived in 2017 to warrant a sequel, but it’s still inspired a strong following of fans online who constantly lament the loss of what could’ve been a fresh take on the mighty morphin franchise. It’s especially sad as the set-up for more was right there in the film’s post-credits scene, which teased the introduction of the coolest Ranger ever – Tommy Oliver AKA the Green Ranger.

We never got to see this new version of Tommy, but fan artists have imagined what he could’ve looked like in Power Rangers 2. First of all, back in March, concept artist Sanit Klamchanuan shared his take on the Green Ranger suit. And now, Awedope Arts has created a super-detailed 3D design based on this art, which gives us a realistic feel for how the character would’ve looked. You can check it out, along with an awesome second piece depicting all six Rangers together, below.

These pieces show Tommy as male, as you’d expect given the original series. However, there was a lot of talk about the character maybe being reimagined as female at the time, with the cast keen to have an equal 50/50 male/female split. But again, work never got to go ahead on the sequel, so we’ll never know whether that concept would’ve happened or not.

The good news is that Paramount are developing their own Power Rangers reboot. With The End of the F—ing World’s Jonathan Entwhistle directing, it’s set to be a time-traveling adventure that will take a group of modern Rangers back to the 1990s – likely to meet the original Mighty Morphin crew, including Tommy himself Jason David Frank. Lionsgate’s PR2 would’ve been a blast, but a bonafide crossover with the classic show definitely has the potential to top it.