Eternals’ Barry Keoghan Makes Fans Thirst With Timeless Sweater Portrait

Eternals star Barry Keoghan took to Twitter Monday to share a tasteful self-portrait of himself in a sweater by photographer Misan Harriman, to the delight of many of his fans.

Keoghan plays the telepathically gifted Druig in the film, which is an epic and thematically spiritual Marvel movie spanning 7,000 years and centering on 10 immortal heroes. The Eternals were created by the god-like Celestials, beings larger than many planets, to be humankind’s guardians against the predatory Deviants.

Though the romance between Druig and Lauren Ridloff’s Makkari may not have taken center stage in the film compared to some of the other love stories, it nonetheless took hold of many fans’ hearts.

Check out the potential thirst trap, rendered in timeless black and white, below:

As you can see, fans went absolutely wild.

And there was plenty of love for both Ridloff and Keoghan alike.

Are you keeping those mind powers in check?

Remember when he tried to make humans not kill each other? That’s a real king move, alright.

It’s no wonder people are having such strong emotions attached to the film and its actors. While not a perfect outing for Marvel, Eternals boasts a mixture of epic and existential themes, characters and romances steeped in emotion, and awe-inspiring real-life locations that evoke a real sense of wonder for the universe, such as the climax that was filmed on a real volcanic island.

You can catch Eternals in theaters now.