Eternals’ Barry Keoghan sends fans into a frenzy over his dog

Barry Keoghan has been driving fans from both Marvel and DC wild since his turn in Eternals fans flocked to the Irish-born actor and the love story played out between his character, Druig, and Makkari. All the while, DC fans grouped together in hoping that Keoghan will be revealed as the Joker in 2022 The Batman.

Now the rising star has given fans a glimpse at his home life with a video of his furry best friend, driving fans to swoon with love for the four-legged animal.

Understandably fans have united once again to celebrate the actor since his shirtless upload, yet as this video entails a cute pup, we have found some of the best responses. Now, all we need is a hound of our own and then maybe we can set up play dates with Keoghan.

Eternals comes to Disney Plus on January 12.