The Eternals CCXP Footage Reportedly Reveals The MCU’s First Gay Hero

The Eternals

The Eternals will introduce a new ensemble of heroes into the MCU, with the immortal cosmic beings played by a host of famous faces to boot. Among them is expected to be the first ever openly gay leading character in a Marvel movie. Of course, we’ve known about this for a while, but so far there’s been no official indication as to which of the Eternals it is. According to one source, however, the answer was revealed in the footage shown of the film at CCXP 2019.

A user on Box Office Theory says they were in attendance and writes of a brief clip featured in the trailer exclusive to the convention which revealed Phastos, as played by Brian Tyree Henry, holding hands with a male partner, with the pair accompanied by two kids. We’ve been told to expect Eternals’ gay character to have a husband and children in the movie, too, so if we can trust this info, it seems to solve the mystery of who it is.

The rest of the description shared by the forum user matches up with everything else that’s been said about the footage from others who saw it as well. However, this is the only time we’ve heard about the revelation concerning Phastos. It was previously believed that Ikaris was the married character, though this is definitely not the case, as the CCXP footage confirmed that Richard Madden’s hero was in a relationship with Sersi (Gemma Chan).

This in itself was a surprising development, as it’s also been reported that Sersi will have a thing with Kit Haringon’s Black Knight as well. So, it sounds like we can count on a love triangle to form here. Or, perhaps, things have just changed through production and earlier reports were based on drafts of the script that ultimately weren’t used.

In any case, The Eternals isn’t due to hit theaters until next November, so we probably won’t get a trailer released publicly until after May’s Black Widow, meaning it may be a while before we have confirmation on any of this. But in the meantime, be sure to let us know what you think of it all in the comments section down below.