Eternals Fans Losing Their Minds Over [SPOILERS] Shocking Debut

eternals nov 5 release

We’ve known for a long time that Harry Styles would be making his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut as Thanos’ brother Eros in Eternals, but the major reveal being given away well ahead of the movie’s release has allowed the second post-credits scene to fly largely under the radar.

In fact, it wasn’t until yesterday that whispers began to spread around the internet that the final scene before the cosmic epic cuts to black featured a shocking surprise guest that sets up a string of exciting possibilities to come in the future.

Even though it was only a disembodied voice we heard, asking Kit Harington is he was ready to wield the Ebony Blade and become Black Knight, director Chloe Zhao confirmed that those smooth tones belonged to none other than two-time Academy Award winner and incoming Daywalker Mahershala Ali.

As you’d expect, the internet was sent into a state of meltdown once it clicked that Blade has officially made his MCU debut, which you can see from the reactions below.

Sure, we haven’t seen his face yet, but there are clearly big plans in store for the supernatural side of the MCU, and the potential of Blade working either beside or against Black Knight is a mouthwatering prospect, even if a direct sequel to Eternals continuing Whitman’s story remains very much up in the air for now.