Marvel’s Blade Reboot Reportedly Brings In Moon Knight Crew Member

Moon Knight

Recent speculation has hinted, and not for the first time, that Mahershala Ali’s Blade could make his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut via a cameo in next year’s Disney Plus series Moon Knight, reintroducing the character to new and old fans alike ahead of his feature-length debut.

It makes a lot of sense when you factor in further talk that Dracula could end up being the big bad of Oscar Isaac’s solo series, not to mention the long comic book history between Marc Spector and the Daywalker. In another bout of potentially circumstantial information, Moon Knight and Blade may be sharing an important crew member.

Geek Vibes Nation claim that production designer Stefania Cella will occupy that position on Bassam Tariq’s vampiric superhero blockbuster, keeping her in the MCU family after her stint on Moon Knight. In another coincidence that’s far too delicious to ignore, Cella’s most recent credit before boarding Kevin Feige’s team came on Sony’s Morbius, who just so happens to be a bloodsucking creature of the night as well.

It’s an interesting connection to say the least, but if Cella has indeed become part of team Blade, then it could indicate that pre-production is finally beginning to gather some serious steam now that a number of key crew members have fallen into place.