Eternals Press Screenings Don’t Feature Post-Credits Scenes


Chloé Zhao recently confirmed that the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Eternals features a pair of post-credits scenes, with the two-time Academy Award winning filmmaker teasing that they could have major implications for the franchise moving forward.

The 26th installment in the sprawling superhero saga comes to theaters in just seventeen days, with screenings now being held for the press, while the red carpet world premiere took place last night. However, Marvel are evidently keen to maintain the tightest levels of secrecy and security surrounding the project, after FilmUpdates revealed on Twitter that the stingers were deliberately left out of the version of Eternals shown to journalists.

That’s a smart move to keep things under wraps, especially when you consider Tom Hardy explicitly asked people not to give away the ending of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, only for the entire sequence to leak online before the symbiotic sequel had even made it into theaters.

Eternals is on track for a potentially record-breaking opening weekend by the standards of the pandemic, so you can completely understand why the press would be cut out of the loop when it comes to dueling post-credits scenes that will no doubt have the internet buzzing from November 5 onward.