Eternals star Gemma Chan’s festive photos rock the internet

It looks like Sersi from Eternals knows just how to keep things jolly for the holiday season! Gemma Chan took to Twitter today to share some pictures of herself in a stunning green dress — like her costume in the film — as she visited one of the most iconic nightclubs in all of London.

It’s no surprise that the Marvel star could get a membership at Annabel’s as one is required to attend, but seeing just how amazing the club looks for the holidays, as well as Chan herself, sent the internet into a tizzy.

Plenty of users broke out their green heart emojis to show just how much they adored the star’s emerald look. One user even declared that Green was Gemma’s color now.

One user even went so far as to imply Chan was God herself, obviously inspired by the look.

Another user is positive that chan is “the most gorgeous human” they have ever seen.

Is green just the best color for Gemma Chan? Is it hard to wait for her to don it once more in a future Eternals film? Tell us in the comments!