Eternals Star Reveals Disappointment Over Credits Scene Being Spoiled

Kit Harington Eternals

The Marvel Cinematic Universe knows a thing or two about maintaining the utmost levels of secrecy on the vast majority of its film and television projects, so you can only imagine how the top brass felt when Eternals‘ biggest surprise was posted on social media without nary a hint of a spoiler warning.

Before you knew it, you could barely even use the internet without being bombarded by headlines naming the cosmic epic’s secret guest star in bold letters, and plenty of fans were furious about it. Disney’s head of marketing even hopped onto Twitter to politely ask people to stop giving the game away, but it was already far too late by that stage.

In a new interview with The Playlist, star Kit Harington voiced his disappointment at the massive spoiler being widely shared weeks ahead of Eternals‘ release, with the Game of Thrones veteran admitting that it dampens the experience of waiting to see what comes after the main story draws to a close.

“I honestly didn’t know it had. I’ve lived in a world where spoilers happen for a long time. I realize they can happen. It’s just disappointing that people do it. Let people go to the cinema and experience it when they pay for their ticket and do it that way, rather than spreading it online where they might not realize they’re coming across stuff.”

It could be worse; the entire stinger from Venom: Let There Be Carnage leaked online before the movie even premiered, and that was after Tom Hardy urged preview audiences to keep their mouths shut. Some people just can’t seem to do that, though, but there’s enough hype around the Eternals credits scene to ensure folks stay put until the screen cuts to black.