Eternals Star Reveals What Made Him Sad About Game Of Thrones Reunion On Set

Kit Harington Eternals

Game of Thrones fans rejoiced when it was revealed that Richard Madden and Kit Harington would be reuniting on the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Eternals, and the actors were just as thrilled at the news.

The former Westeros residents have been close friends for a long time, and having spent so long in each other’s company working on the HBO fantasy series, they must have been going through some serious withdrawal symptoms once the contentious eighth and final season brought the small screen juggernaut to a close.

However, in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Madden admits that it wasn’t all sunshine and roses when he re-teamed with Harington, revealing that they didn’t get to spend as much time together as he would’ve liked given how their respective characters factor into the sprawling story being told by director Chloé Zhao.

“Just great. I mean, I’ve been friends with Kit for many, many years, and sadly we don’t get to do a lot in the film together. But I get to have one moment with him where we say hello, and it’s nice to be on set with someone you know and trust and have known for a long time. On set, it was kind of like hanging out with your friends, and then it’s like, ‘Oh, right, we’ve got to do acting now? Okay.'”

Madden’s Ikaris and Harington’s Dane Whitman have very different parts to play in Eternals, with the most recent chatter indicating that the latter won’t fully assume his comic book identity of Black Knight by the end of the film. Looking at the early tracking figures for the cosmic epic’s opening weekend at the box office, though, they’ll be hanging out regularly on any number of sequels.