Eternals Star Salma Hayek Confirms Multi-Film Deal With Marvel

Kevin Feige recently claimed that the days of talent signing six, seven, eight or nine-picture deals to recur across the Marvel Cinematic Universe were set to become a thing of the past, partially brought on by the advent of Disney Plus requiring television contracts to exist concurrently with feature film terms and conditions.

However, it clearly hasn’t become standard practice as of yet, after Eternals star Salma Hayek confirmed on the Smallzy’s Celebrity Small Talk podcast that she’d inked a deal for multiple projects that would see her appear as the team’s matriarch Ajak.

“I did sign multiple movie deals! It was kind of fun being part of this…secret society that you have to protect so fearlessly.”

Without diving into spoiler territory, it does raise some interesting questions as to what the future holds for the Eternals and Ajak in particular, but the third act of the film does set up a massive number of potential plot lines and story developments that can be picked up in sequels, spinoffs and everything in between.

Of course, sometimes Marvel tie names down to lengthy contracts that they never use in their entirety as Frank Grillo made clear when he voiced his disappointment at his five-picture stint as Crossbones ending at three, so it isn’t a guarantee that Ajak will be making her return to the MCU one day in the future, although it is very likely should Eternals get a sequel.