Every Sequel, Spinoff, Crossover And Storyline Set Up In Eternals

eternals celestial

As is the case with any Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, Eternals left us with plenty to unpack and even more to chew on by the time the lights went up following two massive post-credits sequences. We’ll be diving right into the nitty gritty to uncover every potential sequel, spinoff, crossover and storyline teased throughout the epic running time, so spoilers obviously lay ahead.

First and foremost, the last thing we see before the film ends is a title card confirming that “The Eternals Will Return”, which is standard practice for the franchise. Before that, though, some serious stuff goes down. The finale literally alters the course of history, with the team banding together to try (but fail) to prevent the Celestial Tiamut being born with the purpose of destroying the world.

Sersi, Phastos and Kingo were beamed into outer space for judgement by Arishem after Tiamut was frozen solid and left in the ocean, while the rest of the crew headed off in the Domo to try and find more of their kind. This is where Harry Styles’ Eros and Patton Oswalt’s Pip the Troll factor in, introducing another pair of intergalactic newcomers, one of whom has very close familial ties to Thanos.

We see Tiamut’s frozen head and hand exposed in the Ocean, though, so he might not be truly dead, which could tie into anything from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever to the fifth Avengers outing. The second post-credits scene teases Dane Whitman’s evolution into Black Knight, with Mahershala Ali making his offscreen debut as Blade to connect a couple of supernatural dots.

So, in short, from the beginning of the third act to the end of the credits Eternals teases a potential sequel, any number of cosmic spinoffs involving various members of the core ensemble in addition to Eros and Pip, a cliffhanger that could be resolved as part of the MCU’s next major cross-franchise event, oceanic nods that could lead into Black Panther: Wakanda Forever‘s rumored villain Namor, and Black Knight wielding the Ebony Blade in either his own solo adventure or a guest spot in Blade, with the Daywalker also now officially part of the mythology at long last. Whew.