Eternals Writers Reveals Fan Favorite Ship Wasn’t Part Of The Script

eternals nov 5 release

It’s always a challenge adapting lesser-known source material and integrating it into the world’s most successful franchise, but based on the reactions generated online towards every one of Eternals‘ main characters, it would be safe to say that the writing team managed to pull it off with aplomb.

The 26th installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe may not have fared too well with critics, but a quick glance at social media makes it perfectly clear that the cosmic epic has captured the imagination of fans the world over, to the extent that director Chloe Zhao has thanked all the would-be fan fiction writers and shippers for their support.

One of the most popular pairings is that of Lauren Ridloff’s Makkari and Barry Keoghan’s Druig, but in an interview with The Direct, writers Kaz and Ryan Firpo revealed that their dynamic wasn’t even part of the script.

“Lauren just did an amazing job bringing Makkari to life. And in particular, the chemistry that she had with Barry, with Druig, that was something that wasn’t really on the page, and just came out of Barry and Lauren having a great dynamic together, and Chloé being such a great director to recognize that and to bring that out in the final movie.”

Sometimes movies have to adapt during production to whatever the on-camera talent are bringing to the table, and it was definitely a smart move on Eternals‘ part to lean into the undeniable chemistry between Makkari and Druig, with fans heavily touting them as prime candidates for a potential Disney Plus spinoff series somewhere down the line.