‘Euphoria’ star Hunter Schafer on visiting Zendaya on ‘Spider Man: No Way Home’ set

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Euphoria star Hunter Schafer has revealed on the talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live that she visited her co-star, Zendaya, while she was on the set filming the Marvel blockbuster Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Schafer, who plays main character Jules Vaughn in Euphoria, explained that being a comic book illustrator was once her “dream job.”

“I love Spider-Man. I grew up on comic books,” she said. Schafer graduated from the visual arts program at North Carolina School of the arts and was set to attend the prestigious art college Central Saint Martins before her career blew up and plans changed.

The actress then recounted visiting Zendaya at the place she was staying at in Atlanta while they were filming and “got to go see the set and stuff in their little, like bunker, that Ned and MJ stay in and stuff,” referring to the basement of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange in the Sanctum Santorum, where many of the villains were held captive in the film.

“I came by; it was insane,” she said, adding that much more of what was filmed on set was done practically, as compared to being done entirely in computer-generated imagery, as one might assume.

“There was a lot of real stuff,” Schafer said.

When asked by interviewer Kimmel whether Schafer was approached by Marvel producers to perhaps sign some kind of agreement to keep private the plot elements she might see while visiting the set, the actor said, “Surprisingly no, not that I remember.”

Given Marvel Studios’ notorious policies of plot point secrecy for that movie in particular, including keeping under wraps some of the film’s main characters, Schafer agreed “it’s kind of strange” they didn’t make her sign anything.

Watch season two of Euphoria on HBO and HBO Max now, the next episode of which airs on Jan. 23.

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