MCU Star Evangeline Lilly Thinks The Coronavirus Is A Hoax

Evangeline Lilly

Hundreds of people are dying every day around the world, populations of entire countries are on strict lockdown and the global economy is heading into an almighty tailspin. Coronavirus is one of the biggest events in modern history and will impact the lives of every person on the planet. Or will it? The world’s scientists may say one thing, but Ant-Man and The WaspThe Hobbit and Lost‘s Evangeline Lilly thinks she knows better.

The actress raised hackles earlier in the week when she dropped her kids off at a gym class and posted on Instagram that life for her was #businessasusual. It came across as particularly tin-eared considering so many people are isolating and having a pretty miserable time of it. She went on to say that she valued her personal freedom and that she was scared of “Marshall Law.” Though, to be fair, nobody wants to be hit by a somersault flip kick.

Now she’s gone further, posting other comments hinting that this might all be a big fuss about nothing:

“I think we all need to slow down, take a breath and look at the facts we are being presented with. They do not add up to the all-out, global lockdown, control, pandemoniac and insanity we are experiencing. I hope that people will find their peace and sanity where you are soon.”

She later hinted that the global pandemic might even be politically motivated because: “There’s ‘something’ every election year.”

627 people died in Italy alone today, so understandably, her comments are not going down very well. Here’s just a selection of what folks are saying on social media:

“Imagine being this privileged and selfish,” “she’ll regret when she gets the virus” and “Omg. She is cancelled. Tomorrow, she finds out MARVEL fires her from any further appearance in the MCU. Next week, no studio hires her. In a fortnight, she is finally over.”

I don’t know if Evangeline Lilly is going to get fired, but right now, she’s shedding fans by the thousands with every dumb announcement she makes. The only person that’s pleased with this is probably Vanessa Hudgens, who’s presumably happy that everyone is now hating someone else.