Even Ben Affleck’s kids make fun of ‘Armageddon’

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Armageddon is quite possibly one of the dumbest films ever made, which is no mean feat considering the era it came out in, but also par for the course with the director being Michael Bay.

Ben Affleck, star of the film, has not held back over the years in poking fun at the 1998 “science” fiction disaster film – including a notorious clip of him mocking the film on the DVD release commentary track.

It seems that gene has been passed down to the next generation of Afflecks, with the Oscar winner confirming that his own children won’t let him forget Armageddon either. In conversation with Entertainment Weekly, he spoke about his career, but most importantly – how much his kids mock him for that movie.

“It’s funny because that’s the one movie of mine that my kids have watched and they’ll kind of all admit to liking, even though they relentlessly mock it and me. “What are you, driving a tank on the moon?” But they had fun, you know what I mean? They won’t even watch The Town. So there you have it.”

Despite its shortcomings, Armageddon was the highest-grossing film of 1998, grossing $553 million worldwide. In the 24 years since its release, there have even been proper scientific research papers on the legitimacy of the science presented in the film.

Affleck’s career didn’t suffer from his appearance in Armageddon, with the actor/writer/director making a name for himself with films like Argo, The Town, Gone Girl and a tumultuous experience playing DC Comics hero Batman.

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