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Even in the face of renewed off-screen hostilities, a minor win for DC has dislikes on the ‘Aquaman 2’ trailer lagging 2200% behind ‘The Marvels’

This definitely counts as a win for DC under the circumstances.

aquaman and the lost kingdom
Image via Warner Bros.

It perfectly encapsulates the DCEU’s rotten run of luck that the trailer for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom – something that’s been clamored for dating back months – finally lands right around the time even more negativity engulfs the long-awaited sequel.

If it isn’t the waves of fresh bombshells emerging from the courtroom battle between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp that simply refuses to fade away from the limelight, then it’s multiple reports claiming that the already-infamous test screenings have seen audience members get up and leave midway through.

the marvels
Image via Marvel Studios

However, if there’s one infinitesimally small shred of solace to be taken from the ongoing debacle, it’s that the DC fandom doesn’t seem to detest the Aquaman sequel anywhere near as much as the MCU’s vocal minority abhors The Marvels. Sure, it’s nothing to scream from the rooftops, but the former will take anything it can even remotely interpret as a victory at this point.

The first full-length promo for Brie Larson’s return as Carol Danvers currently has 539,000 likes on YouTube, which is dramatically outweighed by its 808,000 dislikes. The Lost Kingdom, meanwhile, is boasting a ratio of 209,000 thumbs up to only 35,000 thumbs down, even if it has “only” been viewed 10 million times, less than half of the numbers racked up by The Marvels.

The anti-Heard campaigners seem to be a lot less prevalent on YouTube, or at least they are just now, unfortunately leaving Larson as the superhero star generating the most vitriol from the internet’s darkest corners for the time being.

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