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‘It looks awful. Brie Larson is the worst’: ‘The Marvels’ needs to fly higher, further, and faster than ever to overcome the animosity

It's not as if the trolls are going to bother even watching it.

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Image via Marvel Studios

Having used the delay of Dune: Part Two to its advantage by muscling onto IMAX screens everywhere, The Marvels celebrated by revealing a brand new poster and teaser trailer for its impending arrival on the premium format.

With fresh footage must come fresh trolling, though, and at this point we’re well beyond batting an eyelid when the pitchfork-wielding villagers of social media’s darkest corners emerge anytime something they hold a personal grudge against ramps up the hype and excitement levels for its release.

Sure enough, having already snatched the crown of becoming the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most-disliked trailer ever on YouTube after dropping its first full-length promo a while back, never mind its status as the successor to the franchise’s lowest-ranked feature on Rotten Tomatoes in terms of its audience approval rating, The Marvels daring to remind people it exists has brought the haters back out of the woodwork.

One comment stating that, “It looks awful. Brie Larson is the worst,” neatly encapsulates the vocal minority’s feelings in a nutshell. The Marvels is indeed a feature film that boasts the Academy Award-winner front and center among its… gasp… female-led ensemble, which by definition means that it’s an abomination against cinema that must be tied to a stake and burned alive at all costs.

For all we know, The Marvels could turn out to be worse than the Secret Invasion finale and three times as long, but that’s a bridge that should be crossed when it arrives. Fittingly, what mythical creature famously dwells under a bridge and also bears ill will to the superhero saga’s 33rd big screen installment? Yep, you guessed it.

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