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Even the opening titles of ‘Morbius’ aren’t safe from mockery

Morbin' Time isn't quite over yet.

morbius director daniel espinosa wont confirm or deny
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When you break Morbius down into its various components, there’s no way the maligned Marvel Comics adaptation should be anywhere near as popular as it is, but we should know by know that the unexpected is to be expected from the internet.

The first non-Venom installment in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe is one of the worst-reviewed superhero movies ever made, the lowest-grossing effort in the genre since The New Mutants was sent out to die in the midst of the pandemic, boasts two of the most laughable post-credits scenes in history, underwent extensive reshoots that turned director Daniel Espinosa’s vision into an unrecognizable mess, and yet fans can’t get enough.

At this stage, we wouldn’t be shocked if Sony were to take the ironic appreciation of the film at face value and green light a sequel solely to cash in on the memes, because you bank on social media going into a state of chaotic meltdown were another round of Morbin’ Time to be announced.

The latest chapter in the never-ending tale has seen something as seemingly innocuous as the opening titles coming in for widespread mockery for fitting the haphazard nature of Morbius as a whole, because it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Jared Leto must have known exactly what he was doing when he held two fingers up in a recent Twitter post to incite the fandom, although on the other side of the coin, self-awareness never seems to have been the actor’s strongest suit. Will Morbius 2 happen? Who knows at this stage, but the memes will continue flowing like fine wine nonetheless.

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