Jared Leto tweet has fans hoping it’s almost Morbin’ time again


When the time comes to look back on the cinematic year of 2022, Morbius is almost certainly going to stand out as one of the most curious cases, based entirely on the completely unexpected and utterly bizarre life of its own the maligned Marvel Comics adaptation has taken on in the aftermath of its release.

Fans don’t care in the slightest if critics think Jared Leto’s debut as the Living Vampire is one of the worst superhero blockbusters ever made, as evidenced by the 17 percent Rotten Tomatoes score being significantly offset by an unexplainable 71 percent user rating. That’s without even mentioning the memes, which have seen Morbius enthusiasts flood the internet with hopes, dreams, and plenty of jokes about the all-conquering and totally imagined success of the film.

One thing that can’t be denied, regardless of how you feel about Daniel Espinosa’s butchered blockbuster, is that it’s set to turn a decent profit for Sony. On a budged estimated to be around $75 million, Morbius has crossed $160 million at the global box office, and that’s without even counting the additional digital and on-demand revenue.

As a result, a single tweet from Leto has the Morbius supporters club convinced the Academy Award winner is teasing that it’s almost time to get Morbed all over again.

If Sony are happy to announce Bad Bunny’s El Muerto out of the blue, which hardly generated widespread enthusiasm, then it definitely can’t be ruled out that a Morbius sequel could happen, and we’d love to see it solely for the internet’s reaction.

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