New Evidence Suggests Avengers 4 Will Adapt The Avengers Forever Arc


When Marvel boss Kevin Feige took to the stage to introduce Avengers 4 at CineEurope the other week, he referred to the 2019 sequel as simply Avengers: Untitled. Nothing more, nothing less.

Of course, Feige is the first to admit that the hullabaloo surrounding the film’s mystery title has been blown out of proportion – a storm in a teacup, if you will – as it’s really only a matter of time before the studio makes its grand announcement.

But that has in no way curbed online enthusiasm, given there are entire forums and subreddits dedicated to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and, in particular, the moniker of the studio’s next big team-up movie. A number of early contenders have already been crossed off the list entirely, mind you, including EndgameDisassembled and of course, Infinity War – Part II, which was really more of a placeholder than anything else. But now, some new evidence points to Forever being a likely candidate.

You see, Marvel’s September 2018 solicitations were released the other day and it seems as if Avengers Forever is getting a reprint. Though reprints are certainly nothing new, this one is particularly interesting as those familiar with the comic will know it tells the story of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes traveling through time and, as MCU Cosmic explains, “encountering different versions of the Avengers in different time periods.”

Those who’ve kept up with the rumor mill will know that this is exactly what the plot of the film is said to be. What’s also intriguing is that the Russo brothers have already admitted that Forever is the closest anyone’s come to guessing the title of the Infinity War sequel. Of course, it could just be a coincidence that the comic is getting a reprint later this year, but when it comes to Marvel, we all know that everything is planned out pretty meticulously, right?

Anyways, you can chalk this all up as speculation for now, but our money’s on it being more than mere coincidence, and with any luck, we’ll find out the title of Avengers 4 sooner rather than later. In fact, if recent rumors are to be believed, it may even be revealed in Ant-Man and the Wasp.

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