6 Possible Titles For Avengers 4


With Avengers: Infinity War now out and millions of Marvel fans around the globe having already experienced its thrills, laughs and drama, we’re ready to look to the future and start the countdown for what happens next. Though all MCU movies are connected, Infinity War and the fourth Avengers entry are more symbiotic than usual as the following film will have to deal with the universe-shattering fallout caused by Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet.

Despite setting us up for Avengers 4, however, Marvel Studios are currently keeping their cards very close to their chests as they haven’t even revealed the actual title of the next movie yet. Originally, the plan was for it to simply be called Avengers: Infinity War – Part Two, but once this was changed the idea was that Avengers 4‘s name would be held back to keep the attention on the first half.

Marvel president Kevin Feige has admitted that this kind of backfired, as speculation over the mystery title has been almost as keen as the theories about Infinity War. That said, it doesn’t look like Marvel are going to reveal it anytime soon, so we still have a while to ponder which title would best fit Avengers 4.

On that note, here are 6 of our ideas for what it may be. Check them out and be sure to leave your own thoughts in the comments section down below.

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