Exclusive Video Interview: Robert Pattinson And Robert Eggers Talk The Lighthouse


Robert Eggers’ The Lighthouse is among the most infectious films of the year. Following two wickies’ (Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson) on their claustrophobic descent into madness, the director not only implores a pair of phenomenal performances to orchestrate the insanity, but he has a whole arsenal of filmmaking tools to drive you there, too.

Shot on a location of their own design in the bitter climates of Nova Scotia and Cape Forchu, the production was equally vexing. Construction on their own, fully functional lighthouse halted at one point after spray from the ocean coated the set in ice. And together with a team of crew members, Dafoe, Eggers and Pattinson fended off the elements – organic and supplemental winds and water – for a 32-day shoot that sought both authenticity and misery.

But the result, as they all expected, is something special. Written by Eggers and his brother Max, and presented on a grainy, gray 1.19:1 aspect ratio, The Lighthouse is a wildly entertaining venture, bolstering Dafoe’s trademark instability and encouraging Pattinson to join him in loud, proud maritime battles of both wit and rage. The reception, following screenings at both the Cannes and Toronto International Film Festivals, has been overwhelmingly positive thus far, with critics and viewers alike astounded by the film’s attention to detail and its eerily gothic design.


We Got This Covered recently had the opportunity to speak with Robert Pattinson and Robert Eggers about their experiences working on the movie. In doing so, they addressed the tense, demanding nature of the set, among other topics.

Be sure to check out our conversations in the video above and catch The Lighthouse in theaters as its release expands across the country.