Expand Your Mind With Two New Doctor Strange TV Spots, Stan Lee Cameo Revealed

For more than a decade now, comic book mastermind Stan Lee has been cropping up in Marvel movies – a memorable run that encompasses a turn as Hugh Hefner in Jon Favreau’s original Iron Man movie to a music-loving librarian in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Doctor Strange is no different, and thanks to a report by ComicBook.com, we now have an understanding of exactly when in Scott Derrickson’s mind-bending tentpole we can expect to clock eyes on the indelible Lee. Then again, spotting Marvel’s good-luck charm is often part of the fun of viewing a superhero film from the studio, so unless you want to have that moment spoiled ahead of time, we’d advise you to remain on this side of the jump.


Looks like those early reactions to the 15-minute screening were on to something – Doctor Strange could well be the most visually spectacular entry into the MCU to date. Here’s an overview of that moment when Kaecilius gives chase to Strange and Mordo, blazing through dimensions as they go. It’s here that Lee makes his cameo:

In what looks like one of the most epic foot chases in cinematic history, Doctor Strange and Mordo are running down streets, up building sides, and across the sky as the world warps around them. After Kaecilius bends the building on which Mordo and Strange are running, they fall to the ground and into the side of a bus. As they fall, the camera angle switches to a point of view from inside the bus, revealing Stan Lee reading Aldous Huxley’s The Doors of Perception. As Strange and Mordo smash into the bus’ window, Lee bursts out saying, “Now, that’s hilarious!” until the camera swaps again and the chase continues.

Doctor Strange is almost upon us. If you’re wanting to do some last-minute homework before the advent of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sorcerer Supreme, yesterday’s featurette is an informative peek into the process of adapting Marvel’s eclectic wizard for the big screen. Be sure to check it out along with two new TV spots below.