The Expendables Star Reportedly Eyed For MCU Daredevil If Charlie Cox Exits


While there’s an air of inevitability surrounding the rebooting of Daredevil and his subsequent introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are still a huge number of question marks hovering over future of the Man Without Fear. Not only have there been conflicting reports about whether the character’s latest reinvention will be a feature-length adaptation or a resurrection of the canceled Netflix series, but the identity of the man under the costume has also been subjected to plenty of debate.

One story that gained a lot of traction online was the theory that Charlie Cox would return as Matt Murdock to act as Peter Parker’s lawyer in Spider-Man 3, and while that would be a solid way to keep some continuity and draft the actor into the MCU, it’s unclear if that’s still the plan. That being said, we know that Cox is definitely under consideration to continue playing the character, but until Marvel make a definitive announcement on Daredevil’s future, everything is up in the air.

We’ve now received an update from our sources though – the same ones that told us that She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel shows are in the works for Disney Plus, and that the Snyder Cut of Justice League is coming to HBO Max – and they say that if Cox declines the opportunity to reprise the role or Marvel decides to wipe the slate clean and recast the part, Jason Statham is reportedly one of the names on the short-list to act as his replacement.

From what we understand, the hope is definitely to have Cox return and despite what the actor has said in the past, we’ve been told it’s likely that they’ll be able to get him back. But just in case talks fall through, Marvel have already drawn up a list of candidates should they need to hire a new actor to play Daredevil, and Statham is just one of many names on it. Although, we have to admit, he seems a bit of an odd choice to tackle the role and seems better suited for someone like Bullseye.

Still, we’re told Marvel would be open to having an older version of the hero and we do know that the Hobbs & Shaw star is a fan of the Man Without Fear, having voiced is interest in the past in potentially playing the role. But once again, we’re told the intention is still to have Cox return as Daredevil and right now, at least, it’s expected that he will. And given that this comes from the same sources who also told us Han would return in Fast & Furious 9 and Disney is remaking Robin Hood and Bambi, all of which were correct, we’ve no reason to doubt it.

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