Extra Mysterio Scene From Spider-Man: Far From Home Extended Cut Leaks Online

Mysterio Spider-Man: Far From Home

If recent estimates are anything to go by, then Spider-Man: Far From Home did pretty well for itself over the course of the holiday weekend thanks to its new extended cut, but after the recent Disney/Sony split, it seems that many filmgoers are still holding out on running back to theaters to see it again.

Though the newly released version of the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel comes packing an additional four minutes of footage, including a New York action scene that we caught glimpses of in the trailers, a lot of fans have been calling for a boycott of the Sony re-release. And while it’s obvious that plenty of filmgoers headed out to cinemas last weekend regardless, for those that didn’t, some of that aforementioned additional footage has now leaked online.

Seen down below is a quick scene featuring Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio, and while it doesn’t add anything terribly significant or exciting to the movie, those who are still eager for more Far From Home goodies should find it enjoyable nonetheless.

Of course, this is just one of the added scenes in the extended cut but unlike some of the other ones, it’s easy to see why it was removed. As mentioned above, it’s not very significant and is also a bit dialogue-heavy. Still, more of Jake Gyllenhaal’s Quentin Beck is never a bad thing and we’re glad to see him again with this leaked clip.

And as for Spider-Man: Far From Home itself, well, like we said, the re-release actually performed pretty well, further solidifying the film’s status as a box office juggernaut. Though whether the currently untitled sequel will be able to reach those same heights now that Peter Parker’s back at Sony remains to be seen. Star Tom Holland is confident in the studio’s ability to continue the hero’s adventures, but the proof will ultimately be in the pudding.