Spider-Man: Far From Home Sees 153% Increase At Box Office After Re-Release


Despite the boycotts and the alleged empty screenings, the re-release of Spider-Man: Far From Home is doing just fine. The new cut of the film pulled in $4.2 million domestically last weekend, which is a 153.2% jump from the movie’s sales the week prior. The flick’s United States box office earnings now sit at a whopping $385.8 million, which is just a tad below the earnings of Sam Raimi’s original 2002 Spider-Man.

Of course, many speculated that the numbers would take a dive following Sony’s high-profile split with Marvel. The former company has thus far been taking the brunt of the backlash, as petitions, hashtags and more have all caused the corporation’s stock to tank. The majority of fans clearly don’t think the new group in charge can make a good Spider-Man movie and are thus doing everything in their power to shame the executives into giving Disney back the rights to the beloved superhero, including threatening to storm the studio.

Regardless, Sony is confident that the webhead’s story can continue without Marvel. At least two more flicks with Tom Holland at the forefront are already in development and the star sounds like he believes the franchise is in good hands, even if the rest of the public doesn’t.

This positive Spider-Man: Far From Home news definitely gives Sony some more leverage when the two sides come to the table again this week, too. It sounds like they have a long way to go from the last time they negotiated though, so this development might not help things all that much. In any case, the clock is ticking on a new deal and unless one of these companies blinks first, fans will just have to get used to a world without Peter Parker in the MCU.