Disney Only Has Until Mid-2020 To Make A New Spider-Man Deal


As it stands, Spider-Man is out of the MCU. Due to Sony and Disney failing to come to terms on a new agreement, the former company is currently planning to move ahead with its own Spidey solo films without the involvement of Marvel Studios. There is still hope, though, that the two corporations will reopen negotiations and return Tom Holland’s wall-crawler to the franchise. But we’re hearing there’s a strict deadline for this.

According to our sources, Disney only has until mid-2020 to complete a new deal. The reason being is because, at that point, Sony wants to start work on Spider-Man 3This specific date makes a lot of sense, too, considering the release pattern of the last two movies. Spider-Man: Homecoming dropped in 2017, with Far From Home arriving in summer 2019. No doubt Sony wishes to keep up this “every other year” schedule and get SM3 out by summer 2021.

Thankfully, WGTC has previously heard that things are looking good on the renegotiations front. Last week, we reported that Sony and Disney are set to meet this week to talk about Spider-Man and our intel says the signs are positive that a mutual agreement will be reached. That said, obviously things can change quickly and nothing is set in stone. After all, who’d have thought Spidey would even be at risk of leaving the MCU just a month ago?

If a new deal can be reached, though, it’s likely that Sony will use it to better tie its own Marvel movies into the MCU, with one stipulation being that Holland be allowed to crossover for Venom 2. Another is that they supposedly want other MCU characters in the Sony-verse, including Nick Fury and Sam Wilson. Could the outcome of this Spider-Man scare be that the Marvel universe becomes truly totally connected? That would be an ideal scenario, but let’s just wait and see what happens.