Marvel Will Have To Let Spider-Man Appear In Venom Movies If They Want Him Back


It’s been a rocky couple of weeks for web-heads since it was announced that Spider-Man was leaving the MCU due to a Sony/Disney falling out. However, we may have some good news for you.

We Got This Covered’s sources – the same ones who told us Taskmaster was the villain in Black Widow back in March, and who revealed Black Knight was coming to the MCU in April – are saying that the two studios are due to meet again next week to discuss the wall-crawler potentially returning to the franchise. And what’s more, our intel points to the odds looking positive.

This time around, though, Sony apparently has a couple of extra requests that they want Marvel to agree to before they hand Spider-Man back over. The big one, apparently, is that they still want Tom Holland to appear in Venom 2 – or Venom 3 – even if Marvel Studios takes back control of his solo films. This agreement would also extend to any of their other Marvel-related movies they want Peter Parker to be a part of. So, for instance, Spidey could show up in Sony’s Kraven the Hunter film as well.

Of course, there’s been talk of a Tom Holland cameo in the Venom-verse since the first movie was announced. On the Sony side of things, we’ve always heard that it’s a possibility, but Kevin Feige has seemed keen to distance Venom from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That said, it did recently emerge that the producer lent a hand on the Tom Hardy-starring flick behind the scenes.

Allowing Holland’s Spidey to appear in Sony’s Marvel universe would obviously directly connect the films to the MCU, but it doesn’t look like this is something Marvel wants as, on top of Feige’s comments, Holland apparently shot a cameo for Venom which was ultimately excised from the movie at Marvel’s insistence.

If they want Spider-Man back in the MCU, however, it seems that Feige and co. will have to put aside any misgivings they may have and allow Sony to use the character in their own projects. Whether they’ll go so far as to loan out original MCU heroes though, as we’ve heard Sony may want as well, is another matter entirely.

In any case, we’ll let you know as soon as we learn more about Spider-Man‘s cinematic future.