Marvel May Have To Lend Sony MCU Characters If They Want Spider-Man Back


As it stands, Spider-Man is currently out of the MCU and back with Sony. However, WGTC has heard from our sources – the same ones who confirmed those Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk TV series before their official reveal at D23 – that both Disney and Sony are working on re-opening negotiations to try and map out a new deal next week. Before Tom Holland’s web-slinger does return to the MCU, though, Sony apparently has a few requests for Marvel.

From what we understand, Sony has a couple of stipulations they want Kevin Feige and co. to agree to before they hand Spidey back. To begin with, they want Holland in Venom 2 or 3. Not only that, but they’re also asking that Disney lets them use certain MCU characters in their own Marvel-related movies. Specifically, our sources say that Sony has eyes on Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury and Sam Wilson’s Captain America, as played by Anthony Mackie.

If Marvel does agree to this stipulation, it’ll invariably make Sony’s Marvel movies an official part of the MCU, despite not being produced by Marvel Studios. It was recently revealed that Kevin Feige lent a hand with Venom behind the scenes, too, which already creates a connection there.

However, “if” is the important word here as, publicly, Feige’s been keen to distance Venom from the franchise. In fact, Tom Holland reportedly shot a cameo for the Tom Hardy-starring film but Marvel vetoed the idea and it had to be cut.

We can gather from this that the studio’s very protective of the MCU and its characters, so it’d be a change of pace for them to loan out important heroes like Fury and Cap 2.0 to Sony. If they want Spider-Man back in their toy box though, and want to be able to take advantage of having him in the MCU again, then they might just have to play ball.