Here’s How Green Lantern Could Look In Justice League Snyder Cut

Justice League

The theatrical release of Justice League may have clocked in at exactly 120 minutes after Warner Bros. instructed Joss Whedon to keep the running time under two hours, but the Snyder Cut is set to be a whole lot longer. Zack Snyder estimates that only 25% of his footage made it into the version of the movie that initially hit theaters, and with so many subplots and supporting characters left on the cutting room floor, there have been rumors that the reassembled cut of the DCEU’s all-star movie could be up to four hours in length.

With Darkseid, Martian Manhunter, Iris West, Ryan Choi and Aquaman’s Vulko all set to find themselves added into the mix, without even mentioning a drastically different arc for Henry Cavill’s Superman and a reported increase in screentime for Ray Fisher’s Cyborg, the Snyder Cut of Justice League is almost guaranteed to be unrecognizable from the movie that initially disappointed both fans and critics the first time around.

One name that was heavily teased during the initial production was Green Lantern, and while a member of the Corps did feature in the theatrical edition, it was little more than a brief cameo during the opening battle against Steppenwolf’s forces. However, after Kevin Smith confirmed that the Green Lanterns were originally set to play a bigger part in Justice League, fans have been hoping that Snyder will give them a more prominent role now that he’s finally got the go-ahead to put the finishing touches to the movie.

Actor Sam Benjamin was said to have been cast as one of the Green Lanterns, but instead ended up with the less flashy role of Military Policeman #2, and now new fan art from Instagram users Erathrim and Mizuri has shown how he could look if he’d ended up playing a superhero instead.

Two Green Lanterns were originally set to feature in one of Justice League‘s post-credits scenes, but all we ended up with instead was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo in the prologue. The Snyder Cut already seems to have enough excised footage to cram back into the movie without introducing yet another superhero, but maybe there was always a spot on the team for a character who’s always been a key member in the comic books.