Here’s How Tom Hardy Could Look In Wolverine’s Classic Costume

Wolverine banner

There aren’t exactly an awful lot of people that actively dislike Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine, with the actor’s near two-decade run as Logan arguably the most iconic marriage of star and character that the comic book genre has ever seen. It was a far cry from when the complete unknown was initially cast in Bryan Singer’s X-Men weeks after shooting had already started, and who knows where the untested Australian with a background in musical theater would have ended up otherwise.

Despite appearing as the adamantium-boned mutant in nine movies spread over seventeen years though, one of the major regrets that fans have is that they never got see Wolverine suit up in his classic comic book costume. It was teased at the end of his second solo outing in a post-credits scene that was eventually left on the cutting room floor and ended up included on the home video release, but we never got to see it happen.

Now, with the X-Men in the process of rebooting once again under their new owners at Marvel Studios, whoever steps into Jackman’s shoes as the new Wolverine will face a daunting task. One way to ease the transition though could be to give audiences the classic yellow-and-blue getup on the big screen for the first time ever, and new fan art from Saarukan Suhanthan imagines how Tom Hardy could look in the famous costume, which you can check out below.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s X-Men will need to be as different as possible from the Fox franchise given that we’ve seen various combinations of these characters a dozen times already, and staying true to the comics when it comes to the outfits would be one way of going about it. After all, the previous incarnations of the team always seemed a little embarrassed about going all-in on faithful page-to-screen translations of the team’s costumes.