Fan Campaign For Solo: A Star Wars Story Sequel Kicking Up A Gear Due To Snyder Cut Announcement


The ever-growing influence of social media on society has given fans an increased sense of ownership and entitlement over properties that they hold dear, and if they don’t like something then you can be sure that they’ll let the internet know in huge numbers. Nine times out of ten, the studios pay very little attention to these sort of campaigns, but the recent announcement of the Justice League Snyder Cut has given many people a sense of renewed optimism that they can use their online platform to will something into existence if they try hard enough.

While Marvel Studios aren’t exactly going to recast Brie Larson as Captain Marvel just because there’s a petition with a lot of signatures, the momentum has been gathering behind the campaign for Disney to give Alita: Battle Angel a sequel over the last few days, and the double whammy of the Snyder Cut news and the two-year anniversary of the movie’s release has seen Star Wars fans mobilize once again in trying to get the Mouse House to green-light a follow-up for Solo.

Even though the prequel turned out to be the lowest-grossing live-action entry in the history of the franchise, the adventures of a young Han Solo have since become a firm favorite among longtime aficionados of a galaxy far, far away, and seemingly buoyed by the announcement that the Snyder Cut has turned from wishful thinking into one of the most hotly-anticipated comic book movies in recent memory, the #MakeSolo2Happen movement is back with a vengeance, as you can see below.

There have been countless rumors that the plot threads introduced in Solo could be carried on in a Disney Plus series, but it appeared as though the studio had no interest in returning to the well and making big screen follow-ups for a project that never turned a profit to begin with. However, now that the Snyder Cut is happening after two and a half years of constant social media bombardment, it appears that nothing can be completely ruled out anymore.