Fan Favorite Character Rumored To Have A Big Role In The Marvels


Captain Marvel was a pretty polarizing movie, as even the briefest glance at the internet will tell you. Trolls attempted to downvote the Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster into oblivion, forcing YouTube to change its algorithm in response, while it was trending very recently as fans debated which installment deserves to be called the worst entry in the franchise.

Of course, a box office haul in excess of $1.1 billion proved that the targeted campaigns accomplished nothing in the long run, but you’d be hard-pressed to find anybody capable of making a well-founded argument that Carol Danvers’ origin story is top-tier MCU. That being said, sequel The Marvels has all the potential in the world, with several returning favorites joined by a raft of exciting new talent on either side of the camera.

Samuel L. Jackson has confirmed that he’ll be back as Nick Fury, and the way he lost his eye to an intergalactic feline was a major point of contention among Captain Marvel detractors. In what’s either good or bad news depending on how you feel about Goose the Flerken, a new rumor claims the furry critter is getting a much bigger role in The Marvels.

As per the rumor, Goose will return with an entire litter of Flerkens, who will no doubt be used largely for comedic purposes while finding the time to devour an enemy or two. Giving a cat an expanded presence in a mega budget cosmic blockbuster is undoubtedly going to ruffle some feathers should it pan out, but it’s not as if The Marvels will promote Goose as the fourth member of the titular team alongside Danvers, Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan.