Awesome New MCU Fan Poster Teases The Sinister Six’s Arrival

Electro Spider-Man

Not only did Sony’s constant meddling see them kill two Spider-Man franchises, but it also directly led to them licensing the iconic superhero to Marvel Studios. The approach has certainly paid off, though, with Tom Holland’s Peter Parker becoming an integral part of the MCU, while Far From Home is the highest-grossing movie in Sony’s history.

Before that, however, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was heavily compromised by the desire to focus on the rapid expansion of the proposed shared universe at the expense of the narrative, and great chunks of the movie were almost entirely devoted to foreshadowing events that were still to come. The most blatant were the continued references to the Sinister Six project, which had Drew Goddard attached to write and direct before everything fell apart.

After the huge success of Venom, though, Sony’s second attempt at an interconnected comic book mythology got off to a much better start and Morbius, Kraven the Hunter and Spider-Woman are all set for their live-action debuts in the near future. However, the desire to get to the Sinister Six is still abundantly clear given how the SPUoMC is shaping up, and a new fan poster from BossLogic imagines the nefarious band of villains making their way to the big screen, which you can check out below.

Sinister Six is virtually guaranteed to be the SPUoMC’s first major crossover event, as it seems pretty unlikely that the studio will cede control of such a high-profile project to Kevin Feige and his team. No doubt the building blocks will be getting put firmly into place over the next few years, too, and Tom Holland could face his biggest challenge yet dealing with both half a dozen of Spidey’s most famous adversaries, as well as Sony’s notorious reputation for interfering in their superhero blockbusters.