Morbius May Feature Three Different Members Of The Sinister Six


The first trailer for Morbius debuted earlier this month and it blew fans’ minds with its reveal that Michael Keaton’s Vulture will turn up for a cameo. This is the first confirmation that Sony’s Marvel movies are part of the MCU, which has left fans certain that the studio is hoping to capitalize on this connection to build the Sinister Six. After all, with all the villains who’ve appeared in Tom Holland’s Spidey films and their own solo features, half a dozen bad guys can easily be assembled.

In fact, according to our sources – the same ones who told us Holland is in talks for a Venom 2 cameo, and Marvel is eyeing Daniel Radcliffe for Moon Knight –  it looks like half of the aforementioned team will actually be included in Morbius. Obviously, there’s Keaton’s Adrian Toomes and as expected, it’s been said that Jared Leto’s Michael Morbius will be part of the group, too, with Toomes recruiting him in the post-credits scene. So, that makes two, but it seems that there’ll be at least one more member featured as well.

As we reported on the other day, Doctor Octopus is said to have a quick cameo in one of the two post-credits scenes. From what we’ve heard, he’ll go on to join the Sinister Six at some point, but maybe not the first iteration of the team. Initially, we’re told he’ll operate in the shadows, serving as the tech guy for the criminal gang. Eventually, however, he’ll join them on the front lines. Though when that will happen is unclear.

Of course, there was speculation that Jared Harris’ character in Morbius could secretly be Doc Ock, but this is not the case. Instead, we’re hearing that one of the actors that Sony is looking at to potentially fill the role is Javier Bardem. Though at this time, our sources can’t confirm if he’s landed the gig or if the studio has ended up settling on someone else.

Still, you can rest easy knowing that Doctor Octopus will make himself known in the Sony-verse in the near future and that Morbius will be laying a lot of the groundwork for the Sinister Six.